Vocal Coaching

Both evidence based coaches, Lydia and Stephen have collectively amassed over 16,000 hours of professional level, Vocal Coaching. This combined experience has helped empower thousands of vocalists in Pop, Musical Theatre, Beatbox, Jazz and Classical genres. Whether you want to have a session in person at our Soho studio, or join us online, the sessions are detailed yet easy to understand with a heavy emphasis on practical application designed to get your voice moving and your mind thinking in new ways.

Lydiacan help with...
Understanding mix and twang, as well as a defined speciality working with transitioning singers (age or voice type)
Stephen can help with...
Range optimisation, understanding anatomy and building a robust voice fit for 8 shows a week, or a demanding tour schedule.

There's more than one way to train your voice...


  • Enhanced auditory and visual feedback

  • Live accompaniment 


  • Convenient 

  • More technical 


  • Best of both worlds

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Stephen set up the Facebook group “F the C – Word, FREE SINGING CLASSES” which gathered an unprecedented number of vocal experts together to deliver incredible seminars for free to 1,600 students whose formal singing education had been halted. With just under 300 hours of content delivered, all of those expert practitioners really helped keep the UK college student network on track.

Between them, Stephen and Lydia delivered seminars on Vocal Health, Legit Singing, Vocal Anatomy and much more. Because of the success of this group, and the brilliant feedback received, Lydia and Stephen have decided to embed themselves in the ONLINE landscape.

The ONLINE LESSONS are 25 minutes in length, and delivered via ZOOM.

Vocal Coaching / Online Cloud Options

With Stephen

  • Un-learning unhelpful habits
  • Online or In-Person

With Lydia

  • Classical crossover coaching
  • Ideal for maintaining your voice