“Stephen and Lydia are two of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Combined, they are an unstoppable force. With them you know that your voice is in safe hands and you will leave your lesson feeling like you’ve achieved what you set out to. It also helps that they are two of the kindest people you could ever dream to work with.” 
- Laura Pick , (Elphaba, West End)

Welcome to Pro Voice Care, London

Stephen and Lydia run one of the busiest private studios in London. They are both in-demand coaches for elite vocal artists in the Classical, Musical Theatre and Beatbox community too. The studio time, study and ongoing commitment to vocal pedagogy means you will not find two more supportive and caring teachers to support your journey.

The big thing about ‘working out’ as a vocal athlete is – the much underestimated art of goal setting. Setting one vocal goal and then accomplishing it can usually happen in 1 – 3 in person, or online sessions.

Who should I book in with?

As a vocal athlete, focusing on one thing and changing that by 100% can help us gain new control of an aspect of our non-linear, neuro-physiological system. Stephen does not seek to change 100 things by 1%. Instead his pedagogy is focussed on deep and meaningful singular shifts which in turn, can let other neuro commands fall neatly in to place. Stephen’s specialist interest in anatomy makes a perfect marriage for the voice geeks out their to come and explore motor function in relation to theory.

Lydia is all about changing 100 things by 1% following careful adjustments that will overall, lead to big and noticeable changes in the system. Lydia’s specialist area of acoustics will see you change your voice through simple, yet meaningful descriptive commands. Lydia also has counselling training, which can prove invaluable in the Vocal Rehabilitation process.

“If you’re a singer who needs to stay in good vocal health for long periods of time, Stephen is a must”

Dove Cameron, 2019

How Our Sessions Can Help You

For the Healthy Vocalist with our Vocal Coaching Sessions:

  • Range optimisation

  • Breath coordination

  • Dexterity of articulatory motor control

  • Formant tuning (vowel modification or true vowel use)

  • Clearer movement through the bridges/ passagio of the voice

For the Injured Vocalist with our Singing Voice Rehabilitation Sessions*:

  • Assessment and planning a rehabilitative journey

  • Accompanying you to your ENT voice clinic visit

  • Re-balancing the vocal system

  • Usually 8 – 12 sessions are needed

  • Managing vocal stamina

  • Vocal Health and Hygiene assessment

*both post and pre surgical intervention

“After coming off of tour I had a vocal cyst. which broke my heart, as I felt I had failed as a ‘healthy’ vocalist. But after 5 weeks of Vocal Rehab with Stephen, not only is my voice stronger but I’ve gained 5 extra notes too.”
- Matt Faull, 2020