Lydia & Stephen

Lydia Easton


Music was a fundamental part of family life growing up for Lydia. With older siblings all learning instruments Lydia was reading music before she learnt to read. As a multi woodwind instrumentalist she commenced her vocal training at 16 and with her vocal range and power was advised to pursue classical music and ultimately Opera. However Lydia’s love of Jazz and Gospel was too compelling and as a student resulted in her working with the likes of Anita Wardel (BBC Jazz musician of the year 2006) and Karen Gibson (Kingdom Gospel Choir). Lydia’s love and pursuit of vocal versatility was born.

As a new singing teacher/vocal coach at the tender age of 21 Lydia’s first experience of working with a student with vocal health issues started a common thread over her twenty plus years in the profession. Seeing students overcome seemingly insurmountable pathology with an understanding of the physiology and psychological impact of vocal identity with a background in counselling is Lydia’s passion.

Moving to London in 2007 Lydia has since worked at number of the top drama schools as a vocal coach, director and acting teacher. This has resulted in her vocal coaching professionals for the vocally athletic musical theatre world with and an audition for Phantom in the morning and Rock of Ages in the afternoon.

Lydia’s continued study of vocal acoustics and how to harness this in the vocal coaching room results in a continually developing teaching practise. Auditory and physiological feedback….. What does it sound like and what does it feel like?

  • BA (Hons) in Music

  • Cert Ed, City and Guilds

  • Level 6 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Tract

  • Level 2 Counselling

  • Associate of London College of Music

  • Practical Acoustic Pedagogy (Ken Bozeman)

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • Vocal Health First Aid


Stephen specialises in the area of honing in on tension, and eliminating it in his singing teaching across the UK and worldwide having worked with Hollywood and Disney Celebrities to The 2018 World Champion Beatboxer. He has coached a season of The Voice (Belgium 2016) as well as generated YouTube content reaching 60 million viewers with Spirit Young Performers Company (2016-2017). Having also held freelance vocal faculty positions at Urdang Academy, Read College and the Emil Dale Academy as well as guest lecturing at Goldsmiths University on their “Confucius” Chinese exchange.

He is now an Educational Director at the Modern Vocal Training Institute in Malaga, where he is the resident anatomy teacher. He has also delivered seminars/ lecturers and theory to practicum sessions at the 1st and 2nd Voice Geek Conference in London, The Advancements in Pedagogy conference at LCM (London), The 2nd and 3rd World Voice Teacher’s Expo (Poland 2018, Spain 2020), The Swiss Beatbox Camp, (Poland 2019) The Grand Beatbox Battle (Poland 2020) and The European Vocal Camp 9th and 10th edition (Poland 2019, Poland 2020). Stephen was also asked to perform and deliver a 2 day Musical Theatre masterclass in Guangzho, China in 2019 in an effort to help set up the first MT BAhons programme in China.

Building the multidisciplinary voice clinic Voice Care Centre (formerly King Manual Therapy) in 2017, Stephen now employs a Speech Therapist, two Vocal Massage Therapists, A Mindset/ Success Coach and a Clinical Standards Supervisor, and in 2019 won the much sought after title of ‘Healthcare Provider of The Year 2019’ at the Industry Minds Awards. He trains therapists all over the world in Vocal Massage, Vocal Health and Vocal Anatomy and Physiology, as well as delivering thousands of hours of Vocal Massage and Manipulative treatments a year.

  • Level 7 Post Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy

  • Level 6 Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

  • Level 6 Advanced Anatomy and Physiology of the Vocal Tract

  • Level 5 Cert HE, Arts Educational, Musical Theatre

  • Fellow of The Royal Society of The Arts

  • Certificate in Laryngeal Manipulation

  • Vocal Health First Aid